About the Resort


Cabins are uniquely designed to have 1 bedroom, a bathroom, living room containing a kitchenette and an outdoor terrace. We will also have a few small sized cabins just for changing clothes and showering for those people living close by and are just coming here to swim. Bear in mind it’s not going to be open to walk in, it will be selective sort of like a club. Our clients are selected subject to background checks. We aim to have the nicest, family friendly crowd.

Wedding terrace

We will have a beautiful terrace overlooking the ocean good for weddings, events, gatherings and any other special occasion. It will accommodate up to 600-700 people and will have a full Lebanese kitchen catering for all your occasions.

We have a nice cafeteria that overlooks the shore. The space is really very attractive, situated on a small sandy beach. Going onto the next level up, will be a rocky section 10-12 feet above to a terrace. Go up one more level to the wedding terrace. Another level up to the cabanas then the next level up is the gift store. The highest point up is about 50 ft. (16 meters) above sea level.

Swimming Pool

We will be using sea water for the swimming pool allowing for minimal use of chemicals, chlorine and acid making it safe and free from the odors of typical swimming pools. The use of these alternatives will be accompanied by a sophisticated filtration system.

Authentic Lebanese Restaurant

We have established a restaurant with authentic Lebanese cuisine. The restaurant will serve food made naturally and will remind you of the good ole days of mom’s kitchen. With everyone always on the run now-a-days, they spend less time in the kitchen, and it is getting difficult to find good Lebanese food.

Gift Shop

The resort will include a small shop offering many of the natural products we make from olive oil to olives to some traditional marmalade, all pure and naturally grown and organic if possible. The food products are brought in from different villages in the area. We have partnered with the people from these villages who still make things the old fashioned way and with no monkey business. Plus we will have our own herbal products. We will be providing yoga sessions done by those who are masters. We will be conducting workshops and sessions, helping steer people away from the modern habits. People will always pay more for designer clothes or premium gasoline for their cars, but when it comes to their bodies they put in it the cheapest and unhealthiest food. We hope to change this by educating people and providing them with natural choices. We will be offering a variety of pants, seeds or young trees in the gift shop because we are interested in replanting the earth. We are supporting reforesting.

If you like what you see in the pictures, and have any comments, we would welcome any suggestions. Or if there is a wish list that you have, please also let us know.